Cataract Surgery

Protocol for Phaco Foldable ( Keyhole ) Cataract Surgery

  • Kindly inform us atleast two weeks before the date on which you want the surgey by email or telephone. We will give you as early an appointment as possible. We will need to see you atleast three days prior to the date of surgery.
  • If you are diabetic or hypertensive kindly get them controlled before you come, otherwise surgery maybe delayed.
  • On your first visit to our hospital we will do a detailed examination to confirm whether defective vision is due to cataract, to assess your ocular health and to check the power of the intraocular lens to be implanted.
  • The next visit will be on the day of surgery. You can return to your house or hotel 2 hours after surgery.
  • We will need to see you again the following day.
  • Generally we allow our patients to fly one week after the surgery. In the meantime you can enjoy your vacation in Gods own country at Kovalam or Varkala. We can help you plan your holiday through our travel agency.

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  Depending on your health, and the date of your last general checkup, you may be asked to see your family physician for a brief physical within 30 days before surgery.

  If you have not already done so, please return a signed surgical consent form to us. Prior to surgery, special painless eye measurements will be done in our office. The corneal power is measured by a computerized instrument called an autokeratometer. The A - Scan measures the precise location of the retina using ultrasound (medical sonar), which is accurate to a tenth of a millimeter. Following your exam, a computer model will be used to estimate the prescription for your implant based upon these measurements. The implant is then selected and ordered in advance.

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