Packages Rates

Packages Rates

Phaco surgery with foldable Intraocular Lens

  • Hydrophilic Acrylic Foldable lens
  • Hydrophobic Acrylic Foldable Lens.

Micro Phaco Surgery with foldable Lens

The small wound ensures faster wound healing with less induced astigmatism. The surgery is safer & faster with less bleeding and is ideally suited for patients with systemic problems like diabetes, hypertension, asthma and heart problems.

  • Aspheric hydrophobic lens
  • Aspheric hydrophobic lens with Alcon IQ or similar

Toric Lens

For correcting cataract and astigmatism

  • Acriol Toric lens
  • Alcon Toric

Extended Depth of Focus lens

For extended range of vision. The lens gives vision both for distance and intermediate.

  • Magnificient iol.
  • Vivity or similar

Multifocal IOL

For correcting cataract and presbyopia. The lens gives vision both for distance and for reading and the patient will be able to achieve spectacle independence for most activities.

  • Acridiff or similar
  • Panoptix or similar


  • B Hex
  • Malyugin Ring
  • Viscoat

During surgery if found necessary the incision will be modified and the most suitable type of lens would be implanted. In some cases a second surgery might be required to implant the lens. Subsequent surgeries and procedures are not covered in the package rates. Good vision depends on several factors and cataract is only one of them. Please read Consent for details.

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