Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the average waiting time?

If you have taken prior appointment on phone we will be able to see you within 15 minutes. Very rarely the wait maybe a little prolonged.

2. How long does an eye examination last?

You can expect to be in our clinic for 30 minutes for a simple eye examination. A detailed eye examination involving dilated fundus evaluation could take upto two hours. Comprehensive glaucoma evaluation can take upto three hours.

3. How much time does a cataract surgery take?

A normal cataract surgery takes about 10 minutes. In cases with small non dilating pupils, very hard cataract and subluxated lens it cantake upto one hour.

4. How do I take an appointment?

Please check our OP timings given under appoinment link. Call up 914712442050 to fix up an appointment.

5. I want to specifically see Dr. Suseela Prabhakaran. How do I make sure I get her appointment?

When you book your appoinment please make sure to confirm that you will be seen by Dr. Suseela Prabhakaran.

6. Once I have undergone eye surgery can I review with my local ophthalmologist?

We like to see all our surgery patients on the day after surgery. You can review with your local Ophthalmologist for some of the subsequent reviews.

7. Cataract surgery is now being marketed as a very safe and painless surgery. Is this true?

Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures. But as with any surgery rarely complications can happen. At Divya Prabha we take utmost care to give best quality care with the latest equipments and techniques.

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