Cataract Surgery
Post Op Recovery After Cataract Surgery

Normal symptoms :

  • You might notice increased sensitivity to bright light. The artificial lens itself will blocks out ultraviolet light and increased light sensitivity is not harmful to the eye. Sunglasses can promote comfort from increased light till eye fully recovers.
  • The eyes might water and may have a scratchy, sandy sensation initially. Tear supplement eye drops will provide symptomatic relief. Please ask your eye care provider.
  • The eye maybe red for a few days. This is usually due to subconjunctival hemorraghe and will resolve spontaneously.
  • Blurred and fluctuating vision might persist while the eyes heal.
  • The eye drops might sting a bit. The eye drops that sting the most is NSAId drops which is usually stopped after two weeks.

Visual Recovery:

  • The vision will become clear gradually. There is tremendous variability in the normal recovery rate among different patients, and even between both eyes of the same patient. The amount of blur during the first week is usually not relevant to the eventual visual outcome. Therefore, try not to overanalyze your vision. Comparing the recovery period of one eye to another (or to that of another friend or relative) may raise unnecessary concern over normal differences.
  • We will prescribe new eyeglasses for the operative eye after 3 weeks. Till you get your new specs, you will probably not have optimal focus for reading and far distance. Using your prior eyeglasses is harmless. But the old pair power may vary significantly from your power after surgery.
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