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Computer Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is commonly seen in persons working on computers for long hours. The symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome involve not only the eyes but also the musculoskeletal system.

Eye problems consist of:

  • Eye strain, Watering
  • Irritation and Foreign body sensation
  • Headaches or pain in and around eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Inability to concentrate after a while
  • Musculoskeletal problems consist of:
  • Pain in the neck
  • Pain in lower bac
  • Pain in the wrist

Divya Prabha Eye Hospital

Working on computers, watching TV and driving a vehicle are strenuous jobs for our eyes. In all these situations the object of focus keeps moving from one position to other. Hence eyes have to move constantly to keep the object at the centre of the retina. Uncorrected refractive errors are the single most important factors that trigger off this disorder. Hence even a small refractive error need correction.

The CVS can be reduced by adjusting the computer monitor as follows
  • Adjust the height of the chair to keep the upper edge of the VDT screen below the level of your eyes so that you do not have to extend your neck or keep your eyes wide open to see the screen.
  • Background should be light & letters dark. Black letters on a white background are easiest to read and least strenuous on the eyes.
  • Keep the font size at least two points larger than the size you can read easily. Prefer scrolling on the screen rather than zooming down to have every thing in one view.Viewing distance should be comfortable
  • Place monitor in such a way that there is no reflection of light on the screen. The source of light should be on your sides to avoid reflection on the screen. If a bright source of light e.g. a window is directly in front of your eyes, the glare will be highly disturbing. Some people feel comfortable working in a dimly lit room. Maintaining absolutely essential brightness is necessary to avoid straining eyes.
  • If you have to work for long hours, use support for the lower back. Position your key board, mouse and monitor in such a way that the body remains in a straight posture to see as well as handle these.
  • The eyes are constantly moving and accommodating while working on computers. To rest your eyes follow a 20:20:20 rule. It means that every 20 minutes take a break for 20 seconds and get up to look at a distance more than 20 feet. This will rejuvenate your eyes and make working more comfortable
  • Computer glasses make working on computers comfortable and are not needed otherwise, for distance or near vision correction. Computer glasses should ideally be UV protective and have a good quality antireflective coating to avoid the glare.
I use bifocal glasses. But I am not comfortable with either the upper segment or lower segment while working on computers. What can I do?

The placement of monitor is neither like a book in your hand nor like a long distance object. Hence both the segments of your bifocals will be of no use on computers. Either you choose multifocal glasses or get computer glasses. Older reading glasses may prove to be more comfortable than the recently changed ones.

Is there any association between contact lenses and CVS?

Not really. If the fitting of the contact lenses is perfect and refractive error is completely eliminated, they should prove to be as comfortable as glasses. Sometimes, in an overenthusiastic move to use only contact lenses and not glasses, astigmatic errors are left unattended. In such cases, glasses should be preferred over contact lenses. Also if one has a little dryness in the eyes, contact lenses may add to the discomfort.

What is a dry eye? How does it lead to CVS?

Tears are constantly secreted in our eyes to keep the front surface of the eye wet. This wetness of front surface is absolutely essential for clear and comfortable vision. If there is tear deficiency, it will cause dry eyes and lead to CVS. Also due to extreme concentration, the blinking rate usually decreases. Hence tears dry up faster leading to a to false dry eye state. Such cases can be helped by artificial tears, available as Eye Drops. One should also try and blink as normally as possible.

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