Divya Prabha Eye Hospital started with just one receptionist under Dr. Suseela Prabhakaran. By word of mouth publicity about the excellent surgical results and patient care the clinic slowly expanded over the years. As we continue to grow, we look for people dedicated to service and quality.


Divya Prabha Eye Hospital has made it a top priority to reward employees for their hard work and dedication. As a part of this commitment, Divya Prabha Eye Hospital offers an integrated, competitive and comprehensive benefits package designed to:

  • Allow personnel growth
  • Recognize the needs of a diverse workforce
  • Providing meaningful choices to meet individual and family needs Commitment to Community

Patient care comes first at Divya Prabha Eye Hospital. However, care doesnt stop at our doors. Divya Prabha Eye Hospital is active in the community, working to build partnerships with the community by offering a wide variety of health and wellness outreach programs that strengthen our community.

Our goals are to strengthen community life, enhance our neighborhoods and make our region a better and healthier place to live. Divya Prabha Eye Hospital strives to play an important role in the area we serve, and are pleased to be a positive force in strengthening our community.

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